Strategic Planning & Scenario Construction

Organization & Geological Information Systems

Mineral Policy Formulation & Evaluation

Development of Plans, Programs & Projects

Flow of Funds Engineering

Evaluation of Plans, Programs & Projects                                                                                                                    


Cost & Benefit Analysis Methods & Models

Market Studies & Research & Competitive Analysis                                               

Identification of Business Opportunities

Promotion of Investment Opportunities & Road Show

Auctions & Bids

Economics of Exploration & Options Contracts


Exploration Agreements & Joint-Ventures

Economic, Social, Financial & Legal Audits                                                

Due Diligence

Computer Modeling & Quantitative Techniques

Education & Training                                                                                     




Eduardo Vale, D.Sc, is Director and Principal Partner. BAMBURRA - Planejamento & Economia Mineral is a Brazilian consulting company specialized in mineral economics, strategic planning services, and research for private sector and public entities. Dr. Vale is an economist specialized in mineral economics. He has 39 years of experience in the mining industry. Since 1986, he has been working as a full time independent consultant in mineral economics. In 1993, he founded BAMBURRA Ltda. Before that, Dr. Vale was a government officer specialized in the mineral sector at the Planning Ministry (1978-1985) and at the Mining and Energy Ministry (1972-1978). He holds a Doctorate in Science (D.Sc) from the University of Campinas, Geoscience Institute.

In the government level, it deserves to remark the following entities: DNPM, CPRM, SMM/MME, CODEG (GO), SGM (BA), CBPM (BA), Secretaria de Planejamento de Mato Grosso, BIRD, CYTED, UNESCO, Consulado Geral do Canadá no Rio de Janeiro, CETEM and JOGMEC.