A comprehensive computer database on minerals and metals worldwide. A fundamental corner stone for corporate mineral information systems designed to support the decision process.

Who is it for? Anyone involved in the mining industry from top equity researchers, financiers, mining companies, investors, investment bankers to equipment makers, brokers, academics, human resources executives and conference organizers;

The Database focus on the mining and integrated mineral projects - of expansion or new developments - and mines, smelters and refineries in operation as well. It comprises 35 minerals, 150 countries, 8,000 companies, 3,000 mines and 650 refineries;

BAMBURRA offers this product under the auspicious of our strategic alliance  with RAW MATERIALS GROUP (www.rmg.se).


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A demo of the database can be downloaded from:   www.bamburra.com/Global Mining Database Folder Ing.pdf.


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BAMBURRA has a specialist information system focusing on mineral economics and strategic planning. The system is an in-house project (on going) development. It was conceived to support and give breath to the boutique consultancy approach of BAMBURRA.

Among many vectors that configurate its multidimensional conception & objective function, the system keeps tracking exploration companies activties in LatAm and Africa, since 1996.  It monitors and generates mineral economics metrics and indicators of strategic interest in several levels of accessibility, such as: companies, properties, transactions and crucial flow and stock variables. The system embraces all the companies with exploration projects, in any stage of development, for diamonds, precious metals, base metals and coal in these continents.

If your interests & endeavors are focusing on these minerals, regions and mining jurisdictions, be aware that these resources combined with ingenuity and mineral economics expertise surely add value making a sensible difference to the quality and lucidity of the decision process.  In these terms, it represents a decisive competitive edge. 


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