Mr. Haduc has a robust mathematical background derived from an extensive experience as Mechanical and Structural Engineer. Since 1991, has been working with System Analysis, Information Systems, and Quantitative Modeling.

M.Sc. - Structural Engineering - University of Bucharest, Romania. 1964.

Independent Consultant. 1991 - Present;

Consultant of Mechanical Engineering with Nuclebras Engenharia S.A. - NUCLEN. 1989-1991;

Head of Civil Engineering Department with NUCLEN. Angra Nuclear Power Station Units II and III. 1986-1989;

Head of Structural Steel Department and Engineering Site Office (Angra Nuclear Power Station Units II and III. 1981-1986);

Senior Structural Engineer with GIBBS & HILL. New York & Angra dos Reis. 1973-1981;

Senior Structural Design Steel Engineer with James Ruderman, Inc. New York. 1969-1973.