Mr. Delbridge is an internationally known mineral economist as well as a policy and planning analyst. He has an extensive experience in the development, monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects in Canada and developing countries while working with private corporations, the Government of Canada, and international institutions;

Based in Canada and the UK, since 1982 has been providing consulting services to bilateral and multilateral institutions, and private sector corporations. Between the emerging countries embraced by his international experience deserves mention: Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, E. Caribbean countries, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Peru,Tanzania, andThailand.

M.B.A., Business Economics, Planning and Analysis - Strathclyde, U.K., 1972;

M.Sc., Mineral Engineering/Economics - McGill, Canada, 1969;

B.Sc. , Physics - Hull, U.K., 1960.

Independent Consultant. 1982 - Present;

Advisor to Government of Honduras ( Consejo Superior de Planificacion Economica ). Government of Canada assistance project to the development of the nonrenewable national resources sector in Honduras. 1979/1982;

Director, Planning Services with Noranda Inc. 1974/1979;

Mineral Economist with Energy, Mines and Resources, Government of Canada. 1969/1974;

Computer System Analyst with General Electric Corporation, Canada. 1964/1967;

Seismic Observer, Ray Geophysics Inc., Libya. 1962/1963;

Extensive list of works, articles and reports published.