Mr. Braz is a mining engineer and an internationaly known Brazilian mineral economist. He has a robust academic formation and a strong experience built up from many years of professional activity as consultant, professor and government officer.

Ph.D., Mineral Economics - Pennsylvania State University, USA, 1982;

Specialization in Economics Engineering, Catholic University of Pernambuco, Brazil, 1976;

M.Sc., Mineral Economics - Colorado School of Mines, USA, 1972;

B.Sc. , Mining Engineer - Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil, 1967.

Federal University of Paraíba - UFPB. Department of Geology and Mining. Full Professor of Mineral Economics, 1977-1997;

Federal University of Paraíba - UFPB. Department of Geology and Mining. Coordinator of the Post Graduation Course in Mining Engineering, 1984-1989;

Coordinator and/or Visiting Professor on the majority of the fundamental Brazilian Mineral Economics Courses promoted by entities such as: Brazilian Institute of Mining - IBRAM, São Paulo State University - USP, Anadrade Gutierrez Mineração, MINEROPAR, UFBA, IG/UNICAMP, PLANFAP/MME, SUDENE, CETEM, DNPM, CPRM and ENDIAMA (Angola), 1986-1997;

Comprehensive Consulting Activity offered to Brazilian Public Institutions and Private Entities such as: IBRAM, MINEROPAR, CDRM, SGM/BA, CEMINAS, Brazilian Association of Mineral State Entities - ABEMIN, COMISA, National Department of Mineral Production - DNPM, Brazilian Geological Survey - CPRM, Financier of Studies and Projects - FINEP, 1977-1997;

Head of Finance Division of CPRM in Recife/PE, 1975-1977;

Director of DNPM for the Northeast Region, 1970-1975;

Mining Engineer of the Northeast Branch of DNPM, 1968-1970;

Extensive list of works, articles and reports published.