Mr. Rogério is a senior geologist with twenty five years of experience in exploration programs & projects throughout the Amazon region. The accumulated experience as Director of two of the most important public institutions of Pará state, in charge for the conception and implementation of government policies toward gold, base metals and industrial minerals deserves mention. In addition, he had been engaged in the management of hydrogeologic resources, environmental projects and mining agreements and transactions addressing relevant economic, environmental and legal issues.

Post graduation, Geology of Gold - PLANFAP/MME, Brazil, 1983;

Specialization, Mining Law - PLANFAP/MME, Brazil, 1980;

B.Sc. , Geology - Federal University of Pará, Brazil, 1975.

Consulting Geologist. 1999 - Present;

Member of Council of Agency for Technology Development of the Brazilian Mining Industry. 1998 - Present;

Member of the Board Council, Pará Mining Company, Brazil. 1995-1999;

President of the Technical Board of Mining, Environmental Council for the State of Pará - COEMA, Brazil. 1994-1998;

Director of Mining, The State of Pará Secretariat of Industry, Commerce and Mining, Brazil. 1991-1999;

Technical Director, Group for Study and Defense of the Ecosystems of the Medium and Lower Amazonas - GEDEBAM, Brazil. 1992 - Present;

Vice-President, Brazilian Society of Geology - SBG (North Branch). 1989-1991;

Technical Director, Pará Mining Company, Brazil. 1989/1991;

Senior Geologist of National Department of Mineral Production - DNPM, Brazil. 1979/1989;

Geologist with DOCEGEO (CVRD), Brazil. 1977-1979;

Geologist with Institute for Social and Economic Development of the State of Pará, Brazil. 1977;

Geologist with Company of Research and Mineral Resources - CPRM, Brazil. 1976-1977;

Consulting services offered to the following institutions, among others: Tapajós Gold Mining Association - AMOT, Federal University of Pará - UFPA, Evandro Chagas Institute, European Union Commission, GEOPLAN;

Extensive list of books, articles and reports published focusing on environmental and mineral economics issues and addressing the public as well as the private sector areas of interest.