Eduardo Vale, D.Sc, is Director and Principal Partner of BAMBURRA - Planejamento & Economia Mineral Ltda. BAMBURRA is a Brazilian consulting company specialized in mineral economics, strategic planning services, and research for private sector and public entities. Dr. Vale is an economist specialized in mineral economics. He holds an specialization on mineral economics at Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV) and Doctorate in Science (D.Sc) focused on Management and Policy of Mineral Resources from the University of Campinas, Geo-science Institute. He has 39 years of experience in the mining industry. Since 1986, he has been working as a full time independent consultant in applied mineral economics to support private and public sectors decision process. In 1993, he founded BAMBURRA Ltda leveraging the already textile accumulated by means of his comprehensive network. Before that, Dr. Vale was a government officer specialized in the mineral sector at the Planning Ministry (1978-1985) and at the Mining and Energy Ministry (1972-1978).

Doctor in Science (D.Sc.), Mineral Resources Policy and Management. UNICAMP University. Brazil. 2005;

International Training: Mining and the Environment – CENTEK. Lulea University. Sweden. 2001;

Several extension courses addressing specific topics of applied mineral economics with international renowned professors;

Post graduation, Financial Management - Pontific Catholic University - PUC-RJ, Brazil, 1974

Specialization, Mineral Economics - Getúlio Vargas Foundation - FGV-RJ, Brazil, 1973;

B.Sc., Economics, - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1969-1972.

Principal partner and Director-President of Bamburra Ltda. 1993 - Present;

Coordinator of the Center for the Intelligence of the Mineral-business;

Registered consultant of the Economic Research Institute of the Lower House of National Congress - IPEAC;

Brazilian representative in the International Committee· SME - Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc. (

Independent Consultant. 1986 - Present;

During the period 1986-2010, fundamental consulting services offered to the following companies and private institutions, among others: Valec Engenharia S.A., Billiton Metais S.A., Paulo Abib Engenharia S.A., Leme Engenharia S.A., Metalotec Consultoria Mineral Ltda., GEOS Ltda., Tecnosan Engenharia S.A., Brasif Ltda., ABRAMO, Geomitec Ltda., Multiplic Mineração S.A., Magma Serviços Técnicos de Mineração Ltda., Cia. Iochpe Participações S.A., Odebrecht Mineração S.A., São Bento Mineração S.A., ZincOx B.V. Ltd., Jaakko Pöyry Engenharia Ltda., Natural Resources Ltd., FIDES Asset Management, Camargo Correa Group, Micon International, Cláudio Margueron Consultoria Ltda., Paranapanema Group, Gebr KNAUF, CONDEP (partner), Euvaldo Lodi Institute - IEL/FIEC, IBRAM, Getúlio Vargas Foundation - FGV, GEOMINAS, IETEC, IPEAC, UNIMINAS, ABIROCHAS, Minérios & Minerales, Resource World, Raw Materials Group, Mineração Santo Expedito, Chroma Consultoria, Teck Cominco, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Severstal Resurs, Goldmark Resources, Bernstein Investment Research & Management, Goldman Sachs Principal Trading, Polygon Investments, Anchorage Capital Group, Och-Ziff Capital Management Group, Fidelity International, Sandell Asset Management, Hakluyt & Company Limited, Samlyn Capital LLC, Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC), Asian Century Quest Capital, JMendo Consultoria, Integração Escola de Negócios, PioneerPath Capital and Eton Park. In the government level, it deserves to remark the following entities: DNPM, CPRM, SMM/MME, CODEG (GO), SGM (BA), CBPM (BA), Secretaria de Planejamento de Mato Grosso, BIRD, CYTED, UNESCO, Consulado Geral do Canadá no Rio de Janeiro, CETEM and JOGMEC.

Government officer with Institute of Research and Applied Economics - IPEA of Planning Secretary - SEPLAN, 1978-1985;

Head of Studies and Analysis Branch of the Mineral Economics Division of National Department of Mineral Production, 1977-1978;

Mineral Economist of Mineral Economics Division of DNPM, 1973-1976;

Instructor in several short courses to public institutions. Among these deserves mention his actuation as Assistant of Professor Brian Mackenzie in two short courses - 1987 and 1990 - realized in Brazil focusing on the Economics of Exploration;

Professor of National Accounts in the Course of Economics of the Catholic University of Human Sciences, Brasília, 1978;

Professor of Mineral Resources in the specialization Course of Mineral Economics, Getúlio Vargas Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, 1976;

Extensive list of works, articles and reports published focusing on diverse issues of mineral economics and addressing either the public as well as the private sector areas of interest.